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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Panda dies in farmer‘s house

An aged and sick panda wondered into a farm family‘s home where it was treated to the warmth of their hearth, covered in a bed quilt, and watched over before quietly passing away.
  The strange and touching story comes from the village of Zhonggang which is situated within the province of Sichuan‘s Giant Panda Sanctuaries.
  Farmer Gao Jingqiang, first noticed the panda was obviously ill when it was about 30 meters from his home in the early morning of Nov. 27.
  Gao immediately reported the sick bear‘s strange and listless behavior to the local forestry bureau chief Yang Yong, who arrived later that night. Yang tried to the treat the panda and later left to fetch a cage so he could transport it to a hospital for further treatment.
  At midnight after the family started a fire, the listless panda finally found the strength to get up and walk slowly into Gao‘s house. It squatted, gazed around and lied on the ground.
  Gao put a palm mat on floor and the panda, seemingly recognizing the kind gesture struggled again to stand, moved over to lie on it. Gao gentle covered the bear with the family‘s bed quilt.

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