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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Alcatel Lucent unveils its APAC headquarters

The opening ceremony of Alcatel Lucent headquarters was held in a low profile in the former Alcatel APAC headquarters in Shanghai Pudong on January 11. Former Alcatel APAC president and also the current Alcatel Lucent APAC president said the merged Alcatel Lucent is the second biggest communication equipment manufacturer in China.In March 2006, Lucent and Alcatel announced their merger agreement, and the new company will become the biggest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world with a market value of 33 billion US dollars.On December 1, 2006, Alcatel Group and Lucent Science & Technology completed the merger process and established Alcatel Lucent Corporation. After sufficiently considering the good industrial environment of Shanghai Pudong, the new company decides to consolidate the original Lucent APAC headquarters located in Singapore and set up the new Alcatel Lucent APAC headquarters in Shanghai Pudong.


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