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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jade Water Village-china travel Guide&china Scenery photo

JadeWater Villageis a scenic spot which built by J.W.V eco-tourism company. June 2001, it passed assessment of state-level AA scenic spot and state-level AAAA scenice spot in 2006.

There are many scenes with folk and local features in J.W.V such as waterfalls, trout, ancient tree and holy spring, Dongba mural corridor, temple of Dongba primogenitor, Baisha musci exhibition hall, Naxi style building and ancient lifestyle, Dongba sacrifice ceremonies, sacrifice fields, Dongba dance, watermill, meadow landscape etc,.

JadeWater Villageis a holy land of middle part of Naxi minority, a seedbed of Lijiang old town as well. It is a base of Dongba culture research and Baisha musci protection, which designated by the TNC (the nature conservancy). Every lunar March 5, they hold a grand Dongba congregation in the Dongbashiluo temple. A Baisha music performing hall was set up in the old town of Lijiang in order to show this Living fossil of music to the whole wide world.

Natural landscape: it is situated under the southern foot of Jade dragon snow mountain, where is about 10km away from Lijiang old town, a main headstream of water source of the old town. The whole scenic spot is surrounded by indeciduous trees, in the north, there are two ancient trees listed the Ancient tree lists of Yunnan. A stream of spring spew out from the bottom of the trees, fill in a pool and come into being waterfalls. In the pool, the rainbow trouts and gold trouts were bred, as well as an aquarium fish and a delicious dish.

Cultural sight: A Dongba school built in the J.W.V to cultivate new generation Dongba culture inheritors, the teaching materials are the 100 vulomes Dongba old books which pubilished by Dongba culture academe of academy of social sciences of Yunnan province, two teachers who are the old Dongba about 70 years old, the recruitments are the young men who willing to devote to pass down Dongba culture. There are now 11 students include 7 of them have been studying for 2 to 3 years and they have the employee treatment. The educational system is for students for 2 years, inheritors for 4 years and Dongba for 4 years study.

The Dongba cultural relic exhibition hall is now open for the tourists. In the Naxi villiage, there will show you the ancient way of paper making and the ancient paper making workshop, the ancient way of brewing process and the workshop, still show how they weave with their looms etc,.

In J.W.V scenic spot, there is a 30-member Naxi traditional performing band who still keep the representative original Naxi performance which are Naxi music "Beishixili", primitive dance "Renmeicuo", "Weimenda", "Guqi", "Yahali"...

"Leba dance" is a unique dance serie of which consist 72 chapters of dance, 20 songs. We hired a dance teacher Li Wenxian he is the only one who master the whole chapters and music of Leba dance alive to organize the Leba dance group to pass down and performance the Leba dance.

To see the legacy in the old town, to see landscape in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, to learn Naxi culture in the Jade Water Village.


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