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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Global foreign direct investment increased by 34% last year

United Nation's Trade and Development Conference recently published its initial statistical report showing that in 2006 global foreign direct investment increased by 34% with a total amount of USD1.2 trillion.By the end of 2006, global foreign direct investment had been growing for four consecutive years. The year 2006 witnessed a drastic increase compared with USD916 billion in 2005, but it did not exceed USD1.4 trillion in 2000.The report said that foreign direct investment that flowed into developed countries went up by 48% reaching USD800.7 billion, with direct investment to the EU and the US respectively amounting to USD549 billion and 177.3 billion, while foreign direct investment in developing countries only grew by 10% totaling USD367.7 billion. Among them Asia and Oceania attracted USD229.9 billion of foreign direct investment, and Latin America and Africa absorbed USD99 billion and 38.8 billion respectively.In Asia and Oceania, foreign direct investment in China last year was USD70 billion, decreasing by 3.3% compared with 2005. China, Hong Kong and Singapore remain the top three in Asia in absorbing foreign capital. India has taken over Korea to rank No.4, absorbing foreign investment of USD9.5 billion, with a dramatic growth of 44.4% compared with 2004.


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