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Friday, December 29, 2006

BANCOMEXT Added An Office in China

Economist reported: recently, Mexican Foreign Trade Bank (BANCOMEXT) set up the fourth office in Guangdong, China. This is another measure taken by Felipe Calderón government to expand export. BANCOMEXT revealed that the purpose of this action was mainly to help Mexican enterprise to extend trade with China. To answer the question of why setting it up in Guangdong they said Guangdong was an important city in South China and lying closely to HK brings strategic significance. Guangdong has a population of 9.5m and a distance of 182 km to HK International Airport with transport alternatives such as train, bus and ferry in between, which is very convenient. The new office locates closely to Mexican Consulate in Guangdong and its setting up will help Mexican enterprises to export foodstuff, auto parts, mine products and electronic products to China. Before, BANCOMEXT set up three offices in Beijing, Shanghai and HK with population of 16m, 13m and 7m respectively.


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