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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ratio of Foreign-invested Shares in Telecom Raised to 49%

After China has accessed to the WTO for five years, the government has further relaxed the restriction of foreign-invested share ratio in telecom industry. The journalist was informed yesterday from several foreign-funded telecom companies that from today on Chinese government would increase the share ratio of foreign investment or joint investment in basic telecom carriers from the current max. ratio of 33% to 49% according to the WTO market-opening plan. Based on the initial plan of the Ministry of Information Industry, we will take opening steps gradually on telecom industry to first open value-added telecom business market, then open data telecom industry, and lastly open basic telecom business including local call and long distance call. According to the commitments to the accession to the WTO, China will cancel all the restriction on domestic and international businesses of telecom services with foreign investment around 2007 and the max. ratio of foreign investment in the telecom carriers shall not exceed 49%.


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