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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Zhujiangyuan Nature Reserve

Zhujiangyuan Nature Reserve is situated in the territory of Zhanyi County, Qujing City and Xuanwei City in Yunnan Province, is provincial-level of nature reserve, whose scope is 230459.0hm2, in which, 120184.0hm2 in territory of Zhanyi, and 110275.0hm2 in territory of Xuanwei.
MaxiuMountain in the center of Zhujiangyuan Nature Reserve is provincial-level scenic spot, national-level forest park. Altitude of which is 2158m, 4km distance from the existing railway, area of the scenic spot is 1200hm2, which lies in the territory of Zhanyi county.
As provincial-level of nature reserve and national-level forest park, Zhujiangyuan Nature Reserve is subject to the management of forestry department, whose daily affaires are handled by the protection office of Yunnan Provincial Forestry Department, under which are Qujing Forest Bureau that control nature reserve management stations set respectively in Xuanwei and Zhanyi; Zhuangjiangyuan Scenic Spot is relatively far from the railway, subjected to tourist department, whose daily affaires are charged by the Management Section of Zhuangjiangyuan Scenic Spot, which is arranged in the scenic spot, subjected to Zhanyi County Tourist Bureau, in which there are 35 employees, 1 director and 3 deputy directors.


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