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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Suyukou Pass State Forest Park

In the north of Gunzhongkou Pass Scenic Area, Suyukou Pass State Forest Park is about 40 km away from Yinchuan City, a well-known scenic spot on the Mt. Helanshan. The Suyukou Pass forest covers 16, 675 hectares. Wave upon wave of trees, including numerous species, stretch afar. The trees are verdant and luxuriant all the year around. In spring, the Lilac Vale that extends away several miles is full of lilac flowers, sending off fragrance. In the "Pit of Rabbit", wild-flowers are strewn everywhere, attracting so many butterflies. In summer, places of interest, such as the Brook of Sisters with so called nine turns, the "labyrinth of forest," "the quiet fir wood," have meandering paths showing you the way. Looking up to cliffs and standing all over, it is as if a canopy shaded the light from the sky. During autumn and winter, waters will subside and stones emerge, presenting another beautiful scenery. And "a narrow view of the sky", "the landed rock from the sky", "the rock of mushroom," are simply like the wonderful works of great masters. The "rock of a roaring lion", "the rock of a crunching tiger", "the guiding rock of god", are all natural stone sculptures, which, together with attracting vales and gorges, form a colorful and different scenery.


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