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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hainan Island, Hong Kong Launch Tourism Co-op

International tourists will be able to sunbath on the tropical beaches of Hainan Dao and shop until they drop in Hong Kong, thanks to a new tourist cooperation agreement. Xinhua News Angency on Thursday reported the Hainan and Hong Kong authorities signed an agreement to build an information channel to help them cooperate more closely on tourism. The agreement is designed to create more opportunities for joint tourism activities, as well as tour packages covering both locations and overseas promotions. Hainan Dao has received more and more international tourists over the past few years but the lack of entertainment facilities on the island has hampered expansion. The outstanding natural environment of Hainan Dao coupled with the abundant opportunities for entertainment in Hong Kong make a perfect match for a relaxing and rewarding vacation. The agreement with Hong Kong is considered a mutually beneficial solution.


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