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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Canadian International Trade Minister Welcomed Investment of Chinese Enterprises to Their Seaport Construction

David Emerson, minister of Canadian International Trade revealed recently while he was visiting Shanghai, that Canada would put great effort on the development of seaport along the Pacific coast in the next few years to build up a "Door to Asia Pacific and Corridor of Trade" strategy. He welcomed Chinese enterprises to participate in the investment of these seaport construction projects. According to the "Door to Asia Pacific and Corridor of Trade" strategy developed by Canada by the end of 2006, by the year 2020 the annual container throughput along Canadian Pacific coast would reach 7.5 m standard containers, among them the throughput of Vancouver Port and Fraser Port would increase from the current 2.78m standard containers to 5.50m, and the throughput of Prince Rupert Port would reach 2m standard containers. In order to achieve the above-mentioned targets, Canadian International Trade Department estimated that the total investment in Vancouver Port, Fraser Port and Prince Rupert Port would reach CAD1.2b in 2010.Emerson expressed the hope to promote trade and logistics between Canada and China through closer cooperation with Shanghai Port, and "connect Asia to North America through Canadian passage". Emerson as well as his Canadian economic and trade delegation came to Shanghai right after their visits to HK and Beijing. In Shanghai, Canadian economic and trade delegation and Shanghai leader office of port affairs held a conference, in which they exchanged extensive views on cooperation enhancement and bilateral trade promotion.


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