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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Austria Linz Textile Company Invested EUR30m in China to Build A Viscose Fiber Factory

As reported by Austria News Agency Recently, Linz Textile Holding Company Limited, the Austria listed company decided to invest EUR30m in China to build a Viscose Fiber Factory for provision of raw materials for another Austrian fiber factory of Lenzing Group with the current annual production capacity of 6000 tons. When explaining the reason for building a plant in China, the general manager of Linz Textile said that the cost structure in Asia was unavoidable and if they wanted to enhance their competitiveness, they had to depend on themselves. That was why they decided to conduct production in China, a world textile power. The good and favorable cooperation between Linz Company and Lenzing Group started years ago, which has now been extended to the Chinese market.
The products from new Linz factory will be served not only in China but also in other markets of Linz Textile. Renard revealed that the supply shortage of global fiber market was 15-20%. He believed that China is the most important fiber market nowadays.


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