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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Professionals believe China's logistics industry has become a foreign investment hot spot

Vice president of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing Ding Junfa recently said that thanks to the opening up of China's logistics industry at the end of 2005, 2006 witnessed major foreign investment in China's logistics industry.
Ding Junfa said at the "2007 China Logistics Development Reporting Conference" that currently international forwarding business and express delivery service see the most heated competition of foreign investment. For example, FedEx of the US has a service network in China covering over 220 cities, and is planning to add over 100 more cities in the following four to five years; UPS of the US has secured six direct flights to Beijing and Shanghai, and has set up representative offices in over 20 cities including Shenzhen, Qingdao and Xiamen; TNT of Holland has extended its service to over 200 cities in China with over 2000 service outlets, making China its biggest market outside Europe; and DHL of Germany has established 50 branches covering 318 cities in China.
At the same time Japan's Mitsui worked with Bao Steel, An Steel and Wu Steel and have built up a basic steel material processing and distribution network throughout the country. Besides, motor vehicle logistics, energy source logistics and port logistics also attract much foreign investment, and port logistics and container transportation have become areas of direct foreign investment with the strongest growth. And the new model of logistics industry represented by Prologis has already completed basic industrial layout in eastern and central China, propelling the construction of China's logistics parks.
Ding Junfa compared the development of China's modern logistics industry to a surging tide that is impossible to stop.


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