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Monday, January 08, 2007

Paris Securities of France: Chinese Machinery Manufacturers Are of the Highest Investment Value

Recently, Paris Securities (Asia) Company of France claimed that in the future listed Chinese machinery manufacturers would boast the highest performance to price ratio of investment. This judgment is based on the development potential and current room for the increase of share price of Chinese machinery manufacturing industry.
Irving, supervisor of China Research and director of Paris Securities (Asia) expressed that: “Comparing with service industry and brand consumption industry, the listed machinery manufacturers are of the highest growth potential, which, however, has no reasonable valuation yet.”
The growth potential of the machinery manufacturing industry attributes to two reasons: the experience and the circumstances of China.
Irving believed: China is following the mode of industrialization of other countries in East Asia and will lead the fourth phase of Chinese industrialization.
From the viewpoint of foreign agencies, Chinese machinery manufacturing industry is catching up with and surpassing the labor-intensive industry rapidly. Backed up by high-tech content, Chinese machinery manufacturing industry becomes the most powerful industry in marching into the overseas market.


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