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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Global Biggest Silicone Rubber Production Base Settled in Nanjing

Calt—Dong Jue Fine Chemicals, the current biggest silicone rubber production base in Asia initiated a new round of extension project, starting the construction in Qiaolin Industrial Park in Nanjing. The construction is expected to finalize in 2009, by when the production scale of silicone rubber in this base will lead to an annual sales volume up to RMB3b, ranking the first of the industry in the world. It was introduced that this fine chemicals base had been invested by HK New Energy Group and entered in Qiaolin in the name of Dong Jue around 1997 covering land of approx 500 mu. Now it has formed a production scale with 25% of the total national sales volume of silicone rubber and become the biggest production base of silicone rubber in Asia. Recently, HK Company decided to add investment for land expropriation of another 130 mu to establish the Calt Silicone Rubber Industrial Park.


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