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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fujian Province's tea drink exports to the US for the first time

Recently 150 tons of Oolong tea drink of the "Green Field Brand" produced by Fujian Minjiangyuan Company was exported to the US through Mawei Port after passing the inspection of Sanming Import & Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Statistics of China Beverage Industry Association and the customs show that this is the first time a Chinese enterprise exports tea drink to the US. In recent years, Jianning County Committee and government have been vigorously executing project driven strategy and expanding their support to local enterprises, helping Fujian Minjiangyuan Company's project of "annually producing 10 tons of green beverage series"to complete construction and start production, and to have been named as one of the 35 "demonstration enterprises of deep processing of agricultural products" throughout the country. Over the past years, the company has been taking advantage of local resources and has successfully developed products such as"Lotus Seed Snow" vegetable health drink and "Green Field" Oolong Tea. They applied to the US food safety authorities for certification of FDA, FCE and SID in 2004 and were approved in 2006. It is known that later the company's "Lotus Seed Snow" vegetable health drink, "Chinese Green Tea" drink and frozen vegetables and fruits will also enter the US market.


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