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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shenzhen “Service Outsourcing” Seized International Business Opportunity Smartly

While Shenzhen accelerates the transferring from “manufacturing base” to “innovation base”, “service outsourcing” is also developing fast. Recently, Shenzhen has been granted with the title as service outsourcing base, one of the first batch bases in China, jointly by ministries such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Therefore, the cooperation on “service outsourcing” between Shenzhen and multinational enterprises has extended more deeply. From Shenzhen’s standpoint, service outsourcing is firstly about information service. There are 84 enterprises with software production value as much as RMB10m to RMB20m, 95 enterprises with production value between RMB20m to RMB100m and 36 enterprises have production value over RMB100m. The total software production value last year in Shenzhen reached RMB56b and its export has ranked the first for five years consecutively across the country. Among these enterprises there are 30 have entered software outsourcing market and 10 have run software outsourcing as the main businesses.


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